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Nba bets of the day reddit smart

nba bets of the day reddit smart

Damn, how bad is the NBA draft that a player like Marcus Smart is about what you can expect if . Yeah, I thought Celtics fans thought he was a great pick. . That all being said, he's still 23, and 12 days older than Kris Dunn. Mem + from the names I mentioned in the nba thread. Mind you, this is over two months with consistently betting day by day. .. they would have to be not very smart to change how much value a unit represented to them. Is there a subreddit that evolves around betting on NBA games? 2 Brook Lopez says there were days Luke Walton had to close the gym so.


Gerald Wallace: Human Didgeridoo - 2013 Celtics Media Day

02. oktober 2012 av nba bets of the day reddit smart
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